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Smart Violin Method is a series of five violin books, composed by Sandy Herrault, violinist/fiddler, teacher and composer. They are designed to teach beginner to intermediate/advanced skills and provide solo violin performance material in a variety of genres.

Books 1 and 2 contain original violin solos, of various genres; classical, bluegrass, Celtic, folk, old-time.  These melodies are great for beginners to intermediate players, are fun to play and teach basic technique. 

Book 3, is a combination of exciting original pieces and well-known music including; Danny Boy, Greensleeves, Scarborough Fair and more. Arrangements are developed to challenge the intermediate player, and introduce shifting to third position.

Book 4 is for the intermediate/advanced violinist, and includes a compilation of Gypsy, Klezmer, Cultural and original melodies with piano accompaniment. 

Book 5 is for the intermediate/advanced violinist and includes a compilation of Gypsy, Klezmer, Spiritual, Cultural, and original pieces with piano accompaniment.

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Herrault has been teaching for over 20 years, currently she teaches violin and performs at venues, weddings, and private events in the Lake Norman and Mooresville, NC area. 

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"As a teacher, I was constantly looking for violin music to bring to lessons. One time while I was teaching a group of six violin students, I wanted to bring them supplementary music to reinforce the skills being learned. Though I searched for the right level of music, I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. So I decided to write a piece for my students, and called it, ‘Diddle Fiddle’.  One girl after playing the music looked up at me and said, “Bring me more!”  Those words, “bring me more”, inspired me to compose more music which I eventually compiled into my first Smart Violin Method book." - Sandy Herrault

What others have said......

Dirty Linen Magazine
“When one begins studying the violin, whether as a child or an adult, there comes a time when still developing technical skills limit what one can learn and play successfully in the classical realm.  Usually this also comes along at a time when the student’s ear is becoming more astute, and it can pose a frustrating situation. Fortunate is the student who finds another equally challenging sort of music in the folk area to keep up interest at this time of learning. Sandy Herrault offers original music she’s written for her own students to help bridge this gap.  Herrault herself has both classical and folk backgrounds on the instrument, with ….performing experience with the band Celtic Soul.  These … volumes should be a good addition to the teaching literature for beginning and advancing students."  - Kerry Dexter Oct. ‘07


"After extensive review, I highly recommend Ms. Herraults' Smart Violin Method to teachers and students, as well as mature and professional performers alike, respectively. I must say it is a fresh alternative to the usual repertoire that is usually offered today to teachers and students. The high listening quality of the compositions would suit the stage performer in increasing their repertoire, as well. As a professional violinist/fiddle player, composer and teacher myself, I highly stress the use of popular folk melodies and fiddle tunes in my teaching regimen. ... The Smart Violin Method offers an intelligent choice for teachers and new musical styles for students of all levels." - Jerald Franklin Archer 

"I'm a fiddler, old time flavor, but ran into your St. Patrick piece, the Youtube video, and was captivated by the first strain, got to have it, can't guarantee I'll learn it soon, but it will go on the list.  I'm impressed by your ability to develop melodies, after listening to some of your other pieces.  People make up fiddle tunes, but your material strikes me as superior." David S.

Parent of two students
"My two children, ages 8 and 14, have really grown through using the Smart Violin series. This series is very well designed. The books vary from serious, to classical sounds, to fun and inviting.  Both of my children really enjoy playing the songs.  I also appreciate the scales assignments weaved in through the pages." - Sherri C., Mooresville 

My student
"Mrs. Sandy is a great music writer for kids. Her books teach violin skills step by step in a way children can understand better. Also, her music is very cheerful which makes you want to play and learn more and more. I enjoyed her book,I also want to continue playing her music. I would really suggest the Smart Violin to kids, so they can have fun while they are learning. Thank you Mrs. Sandy!" - Marcus

My student
"I've been playing violin since I was four and so far smart violin method books have been the best. It helps you learn different skills while doing it in a fun and unique way.This book has had a good affect on me by making me a better violin player.THIS BOOK ROCKS!" - Dana

About the composer:

At the age of 7, Sandy Herrault started her classical violin education in the Philadelphia public schools.  She studied with the renowned violinist, Edgar Ortenberg, and performed in numerous school and city-wide orchestras, including adult civic and string orchestras.  Sandy continued her education by attending West Virginia University as a violin performance major on a full scholarship.

From the popularity of Riverdance, Sandy fell in love with Celtic fiddling, and began writing and arranging Celtic-based music. She studied Irish fiddle with James Kelly and co-founded the band, Celtic Soul, gaining acclaim for her original fiddle parts.  Herrault recorded two CD’s, Takin’ Down the Half-door, and Wee Blue Man with the band Celtic Soul. She also performed with several other bands the most recent being, The Merrows. She currently plays solo shows at venues, weddings and teaches violin and fiddle in the Charlotte area.

The Smart Violin Method, was born from Herrault's creative expression, hoping others enjoy the wide open possibilities of the instrument. 

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