Dark Eyes, electronically produced parital sample, live recordings coming soon!
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Smart Violin Method - Book Four
Book 4, has exciting performance violin solos for the intermediate to advanced violinist.  It includes arrangements of traditional gypsy pieces, such as Korobushka and Dark Eyes, and original violin music in a variety of styles including Gypsy, Celtic, and Modern.  Book 4 includes a violin solo insert book and piano accompaniment book.  

Book Four
32 Page Piano Book, 20 page Violin Insert
12 Pieces



1. Korobushka  - Traditional Russian

2. Hava Nagila - Traditional Hebrew Folk Song

3. Cats in the Woods  - Sandy Herrault 

4. Forward Not Back - Sandy Herrault 

5. Love's Lament - Sandy Herrault

6. The Four Corners of  My  Handkerchief - Trad.Gypsy

7. Remembering - Sandy Herrault

8. Brilliant Sky - Sandy Herrault

9. Loch Lomond - Traditional Scottish

10. Here Before Me - Sandy Herrault

11. Dark Eyes  - Traditional Gypsy
12. We Are Painters - Sandy Herrault

(click on title for sample)

Loch Lomond

Dark Eyes


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