Smart Violin Method - Book One
Book One is written for the begining violin student.  The book contains original catchy tunes and skill building exercises that lay a foundation for becoming a good violinist and fiddler.  The tunes are a mix of styles of original classical, folk and bluegrass. Below are samples from Smart Violin Method Book One.


Book One
29 Pages
Scales; A, D, G, C
1. Six Steps for Getting Started
2. Green Light
3. Woke Up Early
4. March of the Crazy Ants
5. Dana the Manatee 
6. Eclipse 
7. Seesaw 
8. A Fantastic View  
9. Hummingbird 
10. Diddle Fiddle 
11. Hilltop Stomp
12. Take a Walk 
13. Take a Rest 
14. Smooth Sailing 
15. Trick or Treat 
16. Double Rainbow 
17. Skipping Stones
18. Poetic Soul
19. Perfect Day for Playing
20. Make Way for the King
21. Please Let it Snow
22. The Caterpillar’s Dance 
23. Spring Concerto No. 1

(click on title for sample)

Diddle Fiddle

Hilltop Stomp

Listen to Diddle Fiddle


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