Smart Violin Method - Book Three
Book Three, an intermediate to advanced violin book, is for students comfortable with more difficult fingering, double stops and beginning shifting. Smart Violin Method Book Three,contains violin solos in various styles, Celtic, Old-time, Klezmer, Spiritual, etc... The book works well along with Suzuki books 2 and 3. Violin students will enjoy the longer pieces and more complex techinical skills required to perform them.

Book 3
39 Pages
Scales, Shifting, Double Stops
16 Solos



Book Three
39 Pages

Scales A Major, Shifting
Scales D, G, Shifting
Shifting, Double Stops

1.  After the Battle of Aughrim - Traditional Scottish, Arr. Sandy Herrault
2.  Londonderry Air (Danny Boy) - Traditional Irish, Arr. Sandy Herrault
3.  Scarborough Fair - Traditional English, Arr. Sandy Herrault
4.  Unknown Territory - Sandy Herrault
5.  Greensleeves - Traditional English, Arr. Sandy Herrault
6.  The Year of the Rabbit - Sandy Herrault
7.  Shi Beag Shi Mohr - Turlough O’Carolan, Arr. Sandy Herrault
8.  Ofyn Pripitchik - M. M. Warshawsky, Arr. Sandy Herrault
9.  Step in the Current - Sandy Herrault
10. Dream Come True - Sandy Herrault
11. Blackberry Blossom - Traditional Old-time, Arr. Sandy Herrault
12. The Chase - Sandy Herrault
13. St. Patrick’s Journey - Sandy Herrault
14. Inspiration Point - Sandy Herrault
15. Chosen Kale Mazel Tov - Traditional Klezmer, Arr. Sandy Herrault
18. Expectation Waltz (Ozhidanie) - Traditional Russian, Arr. Sandy Herrault

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Londonderry Air
Danny Boy

Shi Beag Shi Mohr

Unknown Territory

Dream Come True


Listen to Unknown Territory

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