Smart Violin Method - Book Two
Book Two, written for the intermediate violin student, challenges the student with more complex melodies, longer pieces and has added scales and exercises. The solo violin music is perfect for performance and students will love learning them. This book is on the level of the latter parts of Suzuki Book One and Book Two. The music is written in a variety of styles including light classical, Celtic, folk and bluegrass.  The book contains 21 violin solos in first position.


Book Two
30 Pages
Scales; C, G, F, Bb, a, e minor
1. Fireflies
2. Double Rainbow
3. Slipping and Sliding
4. Bluebirds
5. Northern Lights 
6. Gypsy’s Red Scarf 
7. Waltz with the River
8. Barn Dance 
9. Nomads 
10. Calm Waters
11. Majestic Canyon
12. The Dutch Girl 
13. Second Fiddle
14. White Water
15. Dolce in A Major
16. Under the Stars
17. Moon Halo 
18. Change of Seasons
19. Tapping Your Feet
20. Troubadours 
21. Spring Concerto No. 2 


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The Gypsy's Red Scarf

Change of Seasons


  Listen to Change of Seasons                       

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